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The Perfect Season

Thirteen-year-old Charlie Unger struggles with the death of his nurturing mother and always distant, work-obsessed father.   Life’s cruelties fuel a crisis of faith for the misfit genius as he tries to make sense of an absurd world and the bullies that torment him. 

Charlie finds solace in his unbridled passion for the game of baseball and his beloved Detroit Tigers, intent on using his brilliant brain to elevate the bottom-dwelling Tigers into a World Series champion.

When Cameroonian Jasmine Bouba emigrates to Detroit because of social strife and a family tragedy, does the young girl dare approach the peculiar boy across the street who immaculately maintains his front lawn to infield perfection?     Drowning in grief, and feeling the sting of racism for the first time, she needs a friend as much as the red-headed teenager across the street.   

Stunningly, Charlie’s father accidentally unveils a hidden talent, sending the Unger men on a journey of a lifetime.  However, Detroit’s racial unrest forces Charlie and Jasmine to make conflicted decisions, balancing their ambitions with remaining true to their principles.

While The Perfect Season is a celebration of the game of baseball, the themes of loss and love will appeal to everyone.   

Innocence on Trial

An intense courtroom drama plays out when young Tommy Henderson takes to the stand to provide crucial testimony in his teacher’s sexual assault trial.  Nothing could adequately prepare the boy for Lester’s meticulous cross-examination.  The wily and experienced defence attorney never left a stone unturned and committed everything to win his last trial before retirement.

The consequences of the jury’s verdict has devastating and deadly implications for Tommy and his teacher as they both grapple with the aftermath of the emotionally charged courtroom clash.

The lessons learned from that nefarious courtroom experience prove invaluable when Tom Henderson, now an adult and lawyer,  desperately tries to save his son’s life.  The only question is — how far is he willing to go?


Upcoming Book

The Sudanese civil war displaced over 20,000 children, “the lost boys.”  Stephen Deng of Calgary grew up in Ethiopian and Kenyan refugee camps,  battling lions,  crocodiles   and evil men — surviving unimaginable odds.  His emigration to Calgary created  a new beginning with new challenges.  Stephen is seen here, in 2013, returning to Africa to see his mother for the first time in 26 years.  Courage, inspiration, and leadership are just a few words to describe his amazing journey.  It is with profound responsibility that I tell his story.      

When two elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled. – African proverb

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